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"Costa del Disco" is a website dedicated to classic Disco music from the 70s and 80s AND to BIGM Promotions concert and music events. "Costa del Disco" and "BIGM Promotions" are based near Marbella on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain.

We organize both LIVE music and Retro Disco events in venues all along the Costa del Sol. Our promotions team are experts in putting on music events with amazing sound and spectacular lighting, from a private party to an open-air concert. In previous years events have included the Live music bar "Le Chic" in the Mijas racecourse, the American Caseta in the Fuengirola International Fair, the "Nile Rodgers" Open-Air After-concert Disco, the "Night of R&R and Rockabilly" and the "All day music festival - Keep Music Live".

In 2014 BigM Promotions put on two open air concerts in the Mijas Auditorium, Tribute to Pink Floyd and Music Of The Night, both of which sold out days before the concert dates.

"Costa del Disco" is also a show case for all those DJ's who have mastered the art of seemlessly mixing dance music, from the great days of 12" vinyl on Technics 12000 decks.

The "Mega Mixes" section of the website is open to all, pro or ameteur, to show off their skills and have them rated by others.

Nessie Wood

Nessie Wood